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托斯卡纳风格是乡村的,简朴的,但更是优雅的,它是建筑与大自然有机结合的风格。别墅花园设计 哪里找




室内设计可以放置红掌 别墅室内装修效果图

Tuscany style is rural, simple, but more elegant. It is an organic combination of architecture and nature. Tuscan style combines the local milky Ivory chalk stone, the famous Golden Tuscan sunshine, red soil, dense green forests, vineyards and pastures, light green olive orchards, dark ruby luster Chianti wine and bright red tomatoes. These buildings are usually made of natural materials such as stone and wood. The roof is made of maroon ceramic tiles. The roof slope is small, stretching and natural; The walls are mostly stone masonry or plastered and painted with yellow or orange color to form concave convex and mottled walls; In addition, the ground paved with clay bricks and dark green shutters reflect the interest of harmony with nature. Among them, red clay roof tile and plaster wall coating are regarded as symbolic features. Tuscany style originated in the early Renaissance. Tuscany architecture, also known as Italian garden, originated from Tuscany in central and Western Italy. It is one of the four garden styles in the world. The perfect life, which has been honed and tested for hundreds of years, is the spiritual sustenance for contemporary people to seek the best residence with leisurely, romantic and warm feelings.别墅室内装修效果图


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