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Anthurium andraeanum Linden, also known as red goose palm, flamingo flower, Anthurium andraeanum and Anthurium andraeanum Linden. Native to tropical rain forests. It often grows on trees, sometimes on rocks or directly on the ground. It likes a warm, humid and semi cloudy environment and avoids direct sunlight. The flowers and candles have a strange and beautiful appearance. The flowering period is long, suitable for potted plants, cut flowers or cluster planting and beautification in the shade of the garden. The flower language and symbolic meaning of Anthurium andraeanum: grand plan, enthusiasm and blood. In the Western way of flower arrangement, low and shallow vases are collected and planted, and white or purple flowers are lined around to make the hall look magnificent and luxurious. There are places in the front desk, living room and dining room of the office. When a new store opens or a wedding is celebrated, people also choose it as a flower basket to add a happy atmosphere.

Red goose palm, flamingo flower, Anthurium andraeanum, Anthurium andraeanum

花烛,学名Anthurium andraeanum Linden,又名红鹅掌、火鹤花、安祖花、红掌。原产于热带雨林区。常附生在树上,有时附生在岩石上或直接生长在地上,性喜温暖、潮湿、半阴的环境,忌阳光直射。花烛花姿奇特美妍。花期持久,适合盆栽、切花或庭园荫蔽处丛植美化。红掌的花语和象征代表意义:大展宏图、热情、热血。用西方插花方式,用低浅的花瓶集丛插养,周围再衬陪白色或紫色的小花,使厅堂显得瑰丽和华贵,办公室前台和客厅,餐厅都有放置。新店开张或婚礼喜庆时,人们还挑选它砌作花篮,以增添欢乐的气氛。



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