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sketchup景观植物春羽模型下载 SketchUp landscape plant Philodenron selloum model download。

春羽(学名:Philodenron selloum),原产南美洲热带气候地区,我国南亚热带气候地区也有广泛种植。它又名春雨,听名字就知道它的属性,喜欢高温、湿润环境。它是天南星科喜林芋属,多年生的常绿草本植物一种,多施肥,极耐荫蔽的场所,叶片非常巨大且成浓墨绿色,并且富有光泽,叶柄粗壮,株型优美大苗常用于园林绿化,小苗是一种盆栽观赏植物,能吸收空气和水体中的有毒物质,净化环境。







 SketchUp landscape plant Philodenron selloum model download, real plant purchase, design, maintenance contact us.Philodenron sellum (scientific name: philodenron sellum) is native to the tropical climate region of South America, and it is also widely planted in the subtropical climate region of China.

It is also known as spring rain. You can know its properties by its name. It likes high temperature and humid environment. It is a perennial evergreen herb belonging to the genus Helianthus of Araceae. It is a place with more fertilization and great resistance to shade. Its leaves are very huge and dark green, shiny, thick petioles and beautiful plant type. Large seedlings are often used for landscaping. Small seedlings are a kind of potted ornamental plants, which can absorb toxic substances in air and water and purify the environment.

Its flower language is friendship. When he grows up, the leaves will give people a warm feeling. They are suitable to be placed in the living room and can express the welcome to guests. The branches and leaves are evergreen all the year round, symbolizing hope, vitality and vitality. Like the feathers on the wings of spring, Philodenron selloum herald the growth of the new year, full of beauty, vitality and hope.

From the moral point of view, it is suitable for your family, friends and colleagues. Give it to your family and put it in the living room to express your host's enthusiasm. Give it to a friend to show that your friendship lasts forever and is firm, which can bring the past to each other. Giving it to colleagues represents the hope that the other party will be better and better in the new year.

Chunyu family is a common family, and most plants can be used as ornamental plants, such as dripping lotus, thousand handed Guanyin and evergreen. Chunyu looks very festive. The leaves are very green and the flowers are very bright. They are very big and very beautiful. If you put it in the living room, you can get together.



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