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景观的种植-花叶万年青(学名:Dieffenbachia picta Lodd. )又名黛粉叶,为常绿灌木状草本,茎干粗壮多肉质,株高可达1.5米。其园艺品种甚多,不同的品种叶片上的花纹不同。喜温暖、湿润和半阴环境。不耐寒、怕干旱。常规繁殖常用分株、扦插繁殖,但以扦插为主。原产南美。中国广东、福建各热带城市普遍栽培。幼株小盆栽,可置于案头、窗台观赏。中型盆栽可放在客厅墙角、沙发边作为装饰,令室内充满自然生机。用它摆放光度较低的公共场所,花叶万年青仍然生长正常,碧叶青青。


如果需要植物采购可以联系,电话15889638076也可以去客服官方淘宝店铺和微信公众号,随时欢迎家联系。真实植物购买、设计、养护联系客服。Dieffenbachia picta Lodd Also known as Dai fenye, it is an evergreen shrub like herb with thick and fleshy stems and a plant height of 1.5m. There are many horticultural varieties, and the patterns on the leaves of different varieties are different. Like warm, humid and semi cloudy environment. Not resistant to cold and drought. Conventional propagation is usually divided into plants and cuttings, but mainly cuttings. Native to South America. It is widely cultivated in tropical cities of Guangdong and Fujian in China. Young plants and small potted plants can be placed on the desk and windowsill for viewing. Medium sized potted plants can be placed in the corner of the living room and the edge of the sofa as decoration, making the room full of natural vitality. When it is used to place public places with low brightness, evergreen flowers and leaves still grow normally and green leaves.

The moral of evergreen flowers and leaves

"Evergreen flowers and leaves" is a warm and cheerful person. Because its leaves are bright and vigorous, it will give people a clear and lively feeling. It is suitable for giving it to their friends, colleagues or people who encounter setbacks. It represents the hope that the other party can face everything bravely. It can be placed indoors during maintenance.

2. Health and longevity: evergreen flowers and leaves is a kind of evergreen, which can be heard from its name. The leaves always remain emerald green and look vibrant, implying health and longevity. I hope people can always be healthy and free from disease. Evergreen flowers and leaves is very suitable for the elderly at home. I wish the elderly health and longevity, longevity, eternal health and youth.

3. Auspiciousness and wishfulness: Although evergreen is a foliage plant, it can also blossom. Its flowering is relatively rare, and the moral is also very good. It symbolizes that it can bring good luck. It can be placed at home and carefully maintained to promote flowering, which is a good omen.



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