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景观枫树 英文名maple一类植物的泛称。乔木,随着树龄增长,树冠逐渐敞开,呈圆形。枝条棕红色到棕色,有小孔,冬季枝条是黑棕色或灰色。枫叶色泽绚烂、形态别致优美,可制作书签、标本等。在秋天则变成火红色,落在地上时变成深红。







“枫树的花语是:坚毅 枫树是高大乔木,随着树龄增长,树冠逐渐敞开呈圆形。。枫叶色泽绚烂、形态别致优美,可制作书签、标本等,在秋天则变成火红色。落在地上时变成深红”

Maple is the general name of a kind of plant. Arbor, with the growth of tree age, the crown is gradually open and round. Branches are brownish red to brown with small holes, and branches are black brown or gray in winter. Maple leaves are gorgeous in color and unique in shape. They can be used to make bookmarks, specimens, etc. It turns fiery red in autumn and crimson when it falls on the ground.

China is also the country with the largest number of maple species in the world, with 157 species distributed all over the country. It is mainly produced in the Yangtze River Basin and its southern provinces. It is the modern distribution center of maple in the world. Many of the Acer plants are world-famous ornamental trees.

Trees or shrubs, deciduous and evergreen. Winter buds have many imbricate scales, with only 2 or 4 opposite scales or bare. Leaves opposite, petiolate, without stipules, single leaf, thin pinnate or palmately compound, undivided or palmately divided. Inflorescence corymbose, spicate or cymose, arising from several terminal or lateral buds of leafy branches; The lower part of inflorescence often has leaves, sparse without leaves. The growth of leaves is before or at the same time, sparse after flowering; The flowers are small, green or yellowish green, thin purple or red, neat, bisexual, miscellaneous or unisexual,

Leaves contain a lot of chlorophyll, so the color is green. In autumn, the chlorophyll in the leaves is also gradually decreasing, and the leaves turn yellow. Maple leaves contain a special substance anthocyanin. As the weather turns cooler, the number gradually increases, making the maple leaves turn red

"The flower language of maple is: resolute maple is a tall tree. With the growth of tree age, the tree crown gradually opens and becomes round. Maple leaves are gorgeous in color and unique and beautiful in shape. They can be used to make bookmarks, specimens, etc. they turn red in autumn. When they fall on the ground, they turn crimson."





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